Sunday, April 24, 2011

Turns out I'm 26!

I think my birthday came at just the right time this year.

After a not very warm summer and then a particularly cold and snowy (for Seattle) winter with short days and not a whole lot of sun, I was feeling particularly gloomy and down. And then, on my birthday, (and yes, I'm aware I'm about to make it sound like the Universe revolves around me but ... one of my nicknames in high school wasn't "Center of the Universe" for nothing), the sun came out! And it was an absolutely beautiful day. Obviously heavenly father was celebrating my birth right along with me. And then things just fell into place. My primary class behaved and listened to 95% of my lesson as opposed to the 25% I feel like they listen to most weeks. I was overwhelmed with birthday wishes from people in our ward and I even received cards from a couple of the kids that I babysit for. Then I came home to even more birthday wishes from family and friends in my email, on my facebook, through text messages, and phone calls.

I don't know. Maybe it was the added kids' cards, or the fact that I'd just been so down in the few weeks leading up to my birthday. But either way, hearing from so many people that they were thinking about me, even if it was just long enough to write "Happy Birthday" and hit enter, elated me! I'm still living on a high from it. So, thank you everyone! It was such a gift to be reminded about how loved I am.

And in other Birthday related news ... I got a new bike! And it goes up hills SOOO easily. (Which, as it turns out, is VERY important when living in Seattle).

Also I got Tangled, the Disney movie. Which is possibly my favorite movie ever. Or at least tied for favorite with Beauty and the Beast and Mulan.

Oh. And Ben "made" me a cake.

According to the candles, I turned 3! Woo hoo!


Amanda said...

Cute post Brooke! :) I just saw Tangled for the first time last Friday and loved it so much I watched it on Saturday! :)

Fran said...

I'm so happy you got a new bike! You are so strong to be able to have ridden your old bike. You must be lightening speed on a new one.

Hilary said...

Love yr bike! Glad you had a fabulous bday!

christy said...

woo hoo! let's go ride our fast bikes!