Thursday, April 7, 2011


I moved to Seattle to get away from the constant, "We are hundreds of years over due for a massive earthquake! Are you prepared?" scares.

Ever since Japan's earthquake, what do I hear every time I turn on the TV/news? "We are years overdue for a massive earthquake/Tsunami! Are you prepared?!"




kelsey said...

Utah is overdue for an earthquake? I know Seattle is. Get prepared! Our house sits right on a fault line there.

Fran said...

I saw a report on the CBS evening news tonight about the fault line along the morthwest coast. Should the cities prepare for something that might not happen? I guess so.
I don't know.

The White's said...

Well we all know the signs of the times so I don't think it matters where you live, we all know we are going to be headed for some tough times. Also I just read your previous post, sorry I missed it before, HaHa that is such a guy for you, my husband is like that and it's one of my pet peeves too!