Monday, February 14, 2011


This is not a Valentine's Day post. I just got the pictures from my phone finally put on my computer so I can ask for internet help.

You see, there's this wall:

And it's the wall you see right as you open up our front door. It's next to the kitchen and there are some pretty good sized nail/screw holes in the wall that you can see in this picture if you look closely.

So here's the thing, I went shopping to fix this wall and make it more welcoming. I came home with a few things which fixed this wall:

And made it look like this:

And then our window which had some huge screw holes by it was fixed up and made to look like this:

And I even found a little something to add to our kitchen:

(in case you were wondering, I am not talking about the shelf above the sink, I was talking about the sign above the cupboards)

But ... after finding all that, the one thing I thought would work for that blasted wall was too skinny. Sooo ..... Help me figure out what to do with this wall:



Anonymous said...

Bed, Bath, and Beyond has some cute frame sets that you could use to make a collage on the wall. They always send out those 20% off coupons, so you can usually find a decent deal :)

Samantha said...

Ooooo I love this kind of stuff!

I have read that mirrors are really good for entryways, especially when you are greeted by just a wall. They are welcoming and open and roomy. You could try a pretty mirror in a nice frame, or a mirror with some decorative stuff on it, actually on the mirror, like shutters that open and close. Or a mirror with a shelf under it or on the sides for candles. Or little shelves that you can display nicknacks you have on a rotating basis. Sconces are nice too. Post what you do with it!

christy said...

I would put a mirror there. You could even do one with a little shelf and key hooks on the bottom if you don't already have key hooks.

christy said...

something like this

if you have room in the floor you could put something like this for your shoes

Janell said...

I want to see what you do, so be sure to post. I always like personal pictures, but I am old and sentimental! Ha!