Monday, June 14, 2010

An Unexpected Sunday

Yesterday started out like the Sunday before it. I woke up, Ben woke up. Ben got ready for church. I took Ben to church so he could attend his meetings then I came home. I got ready, then I showed apartments for an hour and hurried to church and made it just before the sacrament song.

When I finally got seated in the meeting with Ben I looked over and guess who was there - Bill Benac.

Some of you may, or may not, know him.

Well, after church we came back to our apartment and threw some stuff together for food and then we decided to drive over to Gas-Works Park. We wandered around while Bill entertained us with his stories. Eventually we made our way to the top of Kite Hill where Bill asked some people to take our picture - those people had no idea what they'd gotten themselves into (in fact, neither did I).

You can tell from the pictures that I thought we were done and then he kept taking them so I moved back towards them then away from them again because I felt bad that this person was standing there forever. Although, I never once heard the camera click so I wasn't sure he'd actually taken any.

After our photo shoot we decided to wander the residential neighborhood to the north of the park. We found someone's art posted for any who may walk past. I think my favorite part is the complete randomness of this picture:

And then, on our way back we walked past this little treasure and Ben decided it was perfect for our bathroom situation so he carried it the 5-7 blocks back to our car where it actually fit without having to take apart.

And finally, I believe this was the "Wallingford Steps". If you get up close to it there are all sorts of symbols on the picture. Not really sure if there's any reason or rhyme to this little design, but I thought it was cool.

Anyway. It was a fun Sunday and it was great to spend some time with Bill. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone in July. Only a few more weeks.

(Also, just a random fact about the Seattle weather: Saturday was the first day above 70 degrees this year. It's a record for the longest it's ever taken to get above 70 here in Seattle)


Rachel said...

What fun! That artwork cracked me up. As did Bill's photo session antics.

kelsey said...

Who is that madman?

First day above 70 degrees? That is hard to comprehend from down here where we are sweltering.

Great free find.