Monday, June 7, 2010

Dad's Visit

We enjoyed having Dad here last week. Aside from a normal visit, he was here to help us move. We picked him up from the airport Sunday evening and were planning to move on Memorial Day but got a late call that the apartment wouldn't be ready. So on Monday we were able to take it easy and enjoy the weather by going for a walk.These turtles turtles were also enjoying the weather. We were watching one turtle trying to crawl onto the log and hoping it would make it roll and dump all its friends in the lake. I guess that's kind of mean because they spend so much effort getting up there. Our little turtle eventually made it without incident though.

Then we found out that Tuesday was no good for moving either! So I went to class and then we went hunting for the mobile urban assault pig vehicle that, according to a coworker, has the best pulled pork sandwich you'll ever try.
We found it! (Mostly because they post their weekly location schedule online.)

It was quite average, which is good, but definitely didn't live up to the hype.

Then we went for another walk to pass the time and enjoy the outdoors. The park's map must have not been very clear if two intrepid explorers like Dad and me could get lost.

We were eventually somehow able to pick up the faint trail. We also apparently were mirroring each other.
Someone was as happy as a clam playing with her new camera whilst falling behind.Finally on Wednesday "we" were able to move. I guess all the pent-up moving energy exploded because when I got home from class everything was already in the new apartment except for the couch and bed and a few odds and ends. Thanks Brooke and Dad! Of course that left unpacking and organizing to do still.
Let's just say we're going to let the apartment be a bit cluttered for awhile longer. We took Dad back to the airport the morning after the move. Thanks again for your help Dad!


christy said...

but the vehicle is cool. i want to eat food from that pig...

Brooke Jean said...

Ben -- you forgot to mention that I thought the pulled pork sandwich I got was above average. I gave it an 8 out 10.

Rachel said...

Fun! I hope we can come visit you sometime.

Fran said...

The turtles are adorable!