Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not much

Just thought I'd let everyone know we are still alive. There isn't a lot going on but I guess I'll talk a little bit more about my month of no sweets because it's almost over.

Guess what - it's working. Who woulda thought that not eating sugar would help you lose weight? Well, probably everyone. But it's awesome. I don't know that not eating sugar is the exact reason I have lost more weight but because I'm trying to avoid sugar I'm paying more attention to stuff I buy at the store and when I'm craving sugar I slice up an orange or an apple and I'm good to go for the rest of the night. Ben even said, "I think it's good you aren't making cookies all the time." For those of you that know Ben at all,that's huge. I am not saying I haven't wanted to break down and eat a bowl of cookie dough but I've been strong and it's had some great benefits.

So, anyway, the month ends tomorrow but I'm pretty content at continuing on this course. I think most importantly this month told me that I can do it. I can say no to sweats. I can find other things to snack on. And in the future, when I do eat them, I can eat one and then be done (or not and maybe I should just stay away from them in general). :)


Fran said...

Good going guys. That's a huge accomplishment. You inspire me.

christy said...

yeah i think moderation and smart choices is key. i don't make cookies much, not even once a month. we eat plenty of sugar i'm sure but i am not tempted to eat it all up even if it's there. we always have m&m's or something around but they last a while b/c we don't pig out on them. it definitely makes a change in your diet to just look at the label and think about it before you eat it.

Samantha said...

Good job! Maybe one day I'll try this too. Until then, I will enjoy lots of sugar, and being fat.

kelsey said...

Ditto Samantha's comment.