Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pizza Delivery Tips

Assuming everyone is like me, everyone orders pizza to be delivered. So what do you do when the dreaded moment comes and you have to tip the delivery person.

I asked a pizza deliverer once (not someone who was delivery to my house at the time) what was considered good etiquette as far as tipping a delivery driver. She said that you should tip 15% of the order or $3 - whichever is more.

So I had that dilemma out of the way and then I came across delivery fees. So, here is my question for the blogosphere:

I order a pizza for $15.00 and then I am charged a $2.00 delivery fee. Does that fee go towards the tip I will end up paying the delivery driver (so maybe an $1 tip after the fee?) or do I include that into total amount and get my tip from 15% of $17? Or none of the above?

Help. I have decided until I know this answer I will just be picking up my pizzas from the pizza place.


christy said...

i say no tip if there is a delivery fee. i never get pizza delivered. i don't like having to tip and i don't like waiting for it. I can order it and pick it up in 15 min but delivery takes like 40 min.

kelsey said...

Tipping is so confusing! I usually just straight up ask the person, or I would ask when ordering the pizza what the custom is for tipping the delivery driver.

Caitlyn said...

I worked at a pizza place for a few months, but not as a driver. However, I'm pretty sure (but could be wrong) that none of the delivery fee goes to the driver, so you should always always tip. Drivers also pay for their own gas (I might be wrong again, or it may depend on the company). I think of the delivery fee as a kind of convenience tax. But you shouldn't short the driver just because the pizza company you order from is greedy. That's just my opinion. :)

Anonymous said...

As a pizza delivery person - no we do not get paid from the delivery fee. That more goes towards gas/heating bag costs/etc. - but not the driver. That being said best way to tip is tip on the original amount of the order that is before 'fee's and 'coupons.' Hope this helps! And thank you from all the drivers everywhere if you follow the $3 procedure!