Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ode to the Vacuum

There once was a vacuum that I really loved
I bought it when I was just 18
It was little and yellow
Bag-less and lightweight
And most importantly, it was only $20 out of my hard earned cash
It traveled with me wherever I went
9 moves total
Some across the city, some across the state and some across the west
Then one day while doing its job, it started to snort and grind
Soon it smelled like the carpet was on fire and I realized it might be the end
I kept on vacuuming because I knew the little thing would want to get the job done
When the vacuum was off the smell got worse
I sat near my little yellow friend and cried
We chatted about the things it had cleaned up over the years -
Spiders, dirt, ants, hair, any many other things I care not to remember
Now it's sitting in the closet probably never to be used again - it's dead
I'll miss its cute look, it's easy storing
But mostly I'll miss the money we're going to have to spend on a new one

The End


Rachel said...


christy said...

maybe it just needs a new belt or a good cleaning. vacuums are pretty easy to take apart, fiddle with, and reassemble.

Janell said...

Sincere sympathy.