Monday, October 5, 2009

Doritos Black Pepper Jack Chips

Have you ever really loved a product and then it was discontinued? Well, that happened to me some three or four years ago. Every day I would spend 60 cents on a small bag of Black Pepper Jack Doritos and about twice a month I'd buy myself the big bag for indulging purposes. I did this religiously until one day I went to the store and they were gone.

I didn't let this little bit of information go by unnoticed. I went straight home and wrote a letter to Doritos, well, actually it was FritoLay I guess, and told them they needed to bring it back because it was the only kind of chip I really, really enjoyed. I then asked around and got some of my friends to sign it also. I think I had about 20 names.

A few weeks later I got an email saying they would not be making anymore of the Black Pepper Jack chips. They had to sacrifice some flavors so others could come out, etc. I was very bummed and so I basically stopped eating chips. I have never liked normal potato chips so that was never an option and other Doritos flavors weren't as satisfying. If we had a bag of chips, I'd usually only eat them on my sandwiches (yes, I know I am weird) or hamburgers, but I'd never eat them plain.

Well, yesterday my sister informed me that the Black Pepper Jack chips are back!!! And I wouldn't normally pay full price for a bag of chips but ... I thought this was a celebratory occasion and so I did. It was worth it.

Obviously FritoLay has realized the error of their ways and I was able to taste the first truly delicious chip in a very long time. Mmm .... bliss.

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Lauren Jayne said...

I remember that happening with some hint of lime tortilla chips that our family loved. I'm glad they brought your chips back and think it is great that you were so proactive!