Monday, September 28, 2009

Update from Ben

Brooke wants me to do this blog. I suppose it's only fair that I quit being a blog parasite, enjoying everyone else's work without contributing anything of my own. We are doing quite well and settling in. We enjoyed having a few weeks with nothing to do but that is now coming to an end. This last week was orientation for me and I'll be starting classes on Wednesday. We were still able to enjoy these last days of vacation. Some of the recent events include:

Visiting Snoqualmie Falls from the overlook above,

and from the river bed below.

Any guesses what beach this is?
Any guesses at all...Kels?
We went to see the locks.
I'm including this picture because as I import the photos I realize how many pictures of my back we have. Apparently the photographer likes to snap secret pictures (probably because I'm frequently a reluctant if not uncooperative model for pictures).
Brooke at the botanical garden by the locks.

Today was the white coat ceremony. I am signing our professionalism pledge.
This picture taken afterwards makes us laugh because of the contrast between my white and the greenery. I look out of place and the background looks fake like it was a green screen. It really is just a window in a hallway though.
Well, our weeks of freedom are concluding. It has been fun but I'm excited to start my program. I'm certain Brooke could use a break from me anyway by now too so that's good.


christy said...

aw you look so cute and nerdy, in a good way, in your pharmacy coat. cory's little brother is all grown up.

Lauren Jayne said...

Congrats Ben, on not being a parasite and for getting your white coat!

kelsey said...

Oh, I'm so glad you went to Alki!

You look so cute in your white coat.

And if Brooke is always getting pictures of your back, then you are much like a 1 year old. That happens to me all the time with Teresa.