Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

We woke up bright and early to the rain pouring down outside. Ben decided that our plans of going to the zoo were shot, I told him we should go no matter what - we are living in Seattle now after all. If we only do stuff when it's nice weather outside, we'll never see outside.

Anyway, luckily for me and for Ben, the weather cleared up and we headed over to the Woodland Park Zoo.

I don't know if it was just the time of day, the zoo itself, the time of year or just being ridiculously lucky but the animals were so active. The only animals I remember seeing that were just lying around doing nothing were the lions and the kangaroos.

The first exhibit we came to was the penguins. What a blast. I loved the way it was set up. Take a look:

Then we saw bears

and Tigers

and Elk

and some beautiful Bald Eagles

We even found an Orangutan with a fashion sense - he loves his hat!

I think my favorite part of the zoo was the "Family Farm" area.

How often do you get to see chickens, cows, rabbits, etc.?? I guess some people who live in the city just don't get to see the cows too often.

And my second favorite part of the zoo was this little crawl space that allows little ones to become a dung beetle.

My least favorite part of the zoo was the display of the spider that wasn't even behind glass. Supposedly, the spider just hangs out in its web waiting for food so it has no need to roam around but I still thought it was absolutely, disgustingly, creepy.

Anyway, back to the good parts ...

The Jaguar was gorgeous

and I think the most active animals there were the Gorillas.

I tried getting a good video of their activities but every time I turned on the camera the little gorilla stopped bouncing around. Here's a video anyway.

So a lot of you probably already saw most these pictures on Facebook but ... when I have a good time I have to share it with the world.

Ben and I are going to be plenty prepared to tell you all about Seattle attractions once you get here to visit us, whether that be in a month or a year.

We can't wait to go on our next adventure. Monday, here we come!


christy said...

fun already! we think we may head your way for spring break so make a good to do list for us!

cody and robyn said...

We went to the zoo today also. Although when we got home I had to help Cody do his assignment for art since it was due by 11p. Hopefully I will get to post about our adventure soon.

Fran said...

I find gorillas captivating.
We hope to visit the St. Louis zoo in October.

Scott and Laura Bowles said...

looks like you are having a blast in seattle! glad you are!