Saturday, September 5, 2009

Already Having Fun at the Washington Park Arboretum

On Friday we got sick of unpacking and decided to go explore the Washington Park Arboretum and do the Foster Island Walk.

It was beautiful. So let's get to some pictures, shall we?

Shortly after we started on the trail to Foster Island we came to the walkway that went under the road. It was kind of dark and creepy so I told Ben to make a scared face - I guess Ben doesn't get scared very often because he ended up looking more like, "Do you really have to take my picture entering a dark tunnel?"

The farther we went on the trail the more excited I got to be in Seattle. It was just so beautiful at every turn. I even got Ben to pose and smile for a picture!

Then Ben found an ugly 8 legged beast and I decided to take a picture of it because ... it was big and I was facing my fears.

Eventually we got to the waters edge and we were able to get a great view of the Husky stadium.

and lots of lily pads.

Then as we were walking across this boardwalk area the sidewalk spit at me ...

Soon we entered the Haunted Forest
This area was really cool. It was like we were walking in a cave except instead of rock surrounding us, it was all trees and bushes.

A short while after that we made it to the canal and found an amazing Totem Pole. As you can see it's huge in comparison to little 5'4" me.
Then we stopped and just enjoyed the boats as they went past.

We also found an area that reminded us of the maze in Harry Potter - it just needed to grow a few feet higher.

A bridge that goes over the canal that connects the Puget Sound and Lake Washington

And a beautiful view looking back at Lake Washington from our resting place

And this was one of the many little dock areas that you could sit at and just enjoy the surroundings.

We had a blast just walking around enjoying the sights and sounds of Seattle nature. I can't wait to explore further!

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