Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Saturday Walk InThe Rain

We needed to take back a redbox movie and when we went outside it wasn't raining so we decided to walk down the street and grab a hot chocolate from the local gourmet chocolates shop and then walk to the Albertson's on 200 South to return the DVD. We found the time to be ideal for discussing our current book ideas - no I'm not sharing them with the blogosphere because Ben's book idea will be paying his way through Pharmacy school along with buying me a house with a big kitchen! :) (You can try asking him about it but I don't think he'll say anything until it's all been copyrighted).

Anyway, just as we got to Albertson's it started pouring rain again, but it was fun rain so that didn't deter us from enjoying the evening. It was so much fun, in fact, we decided we'd walk down to The Gateway and go to Barnes and Noble (rainy days make me want to get hot chocolate and spend the afternoon in the corner of a bookstore reading magazines). On our way there we passed The Capitol Theater and all the people hoping to win free "Wicked" tickets. I was hoping some kind person would stop us and offer us a couple of tickets out of the kindness of their heart but we walked around the crowd with no such luck.

Anyway, after we'd browsed the aisles at Barnes and Noble for awhile we decided to grab a bite to eat. We really wanted to go to this place in the Avenues but they are carry-out only after 7 and they close at 8 so we weren't sure we would even make it. So instead we went to The Garden up in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

What a perfect choice!! First, the restaurant was filled with Prom dates - which meant lots of pretty dresses. I tried to take a few pictures but I only got one in before I got caught. So I couldn't even get a picture of the coolest dress I've ever seen. Oh well ... I still got this one!

Then we got a great seat with a view of the temple, sort of. I got this picture when we first sat down.

And this picture when we left:

For our dinner we went with the 3 course meal for $15 option (for the May Dine-O-Round which encourages people to eat out at their local restaurants during the month of May. They offer 3 course meals for either $15 or $30 depending on how nice the restaurant is. I think there are 30 different restaurants that are participating in our area.) Anyway, they brought out our salad and Ben and I both kind of stared at it for a minute until Ben said, "I'm not sure what to do with this".

It was quite the salad. I think it was "Mozzarella and Tomatoes salad" or something like that. I guess we just aren't cultured enough to see something so ... pretty all that often, when it comes to food.

Once we finished our salad we were just chatting and talking about Prom stuff when I noticed the person at the table next to us down on one knee. At that exact same moment Ben goes, "Is that person proposing or are they just talking really close". Well, the guy pulled out a ring so I gave a play by play to Ben and the women said yes and put the ring on. We felt like we should have gotten the attention of the whole restaurant so that they could have gotten an applause or something but instead we just told them congratulations on their way out. She looked very happy and the guy looked relieved! It was really fun to witness something like that.

Anyway, you'd think our excitement for the evening would be over but ... it was not. Well, it kind of was. We just walked home from temple square and took a picture for a Prom-going group that needed an outside party to get them all in one picture.

It was definitely a good night full of surprises!


J said...

Awesome! That is my idea of a sweet evening...that's why I love big cities, they are conducive to stuff like that.

christy said...

sounds like a good day to me. cory and i like to walk places and just do whatever we feel like.

Lauren Jayne said...

That sounds like such a fun day, I'm always up for a trip to the bookstore! Question, were you guys sopping wet or did you have an umbrella??

Brooke Jean said...

Definitely sopping wet. Ben is anti-umbrellas. I guess I am too to a small degree ... it has to do with a near eye poking out on BYU campus. :)

Janell said...

Kate could have been in a prom group you saw! Brighton's prom was at the capitol. What a fun evening.