Monday, May 4, 2009


Ben and I have been doing Nursery for .... 6 months now, I think?? Anyway, I have really come to love my calling. It has several benefits and blessings but there are two things I love most. First, it has helped me better appreciate Relief Society and adult women. While I look forward to the weeks we are in Nursery, I really look forward to learning about the gospel - something I have enjoyed doing but never really looked forward to. If that makes sense. The second thing I love about it is, the kids. They are hilarious. Each in their own unique way. They all have such strong personalities. It's adorable. Today at church one of the kids was so sleepy so he just came and brought over one of the doll blankets and laid in my lap for a good twenty minutes while I played with the other kids.

Anyway, I took these videos of them last week at church and I had to share it with you because I don't have videos of my own kids to share.

Unfortunately the kid who inspired my video taking ended up pretty quiet once I pulled out the camera so I had to take 2 videos and then he only said something once. Oh well. If we move, I have a feeling these kids will be one of the things I miss most.


Fran said...

Some kids from my first nursery class graduated from high school this year. One of the mothers said he still remembered me because I was his first teacher. I was honored.

Samantha said...

I would love it if you guys were the nursery leaders in our ward!! Zara's been in nursery since January and we're on our THIRD leaders, which ... I wish they'd just stick with someone. Consistency is good. Anyway my point in making a comment was that what you do in nursery is so important and as a parent, I appreciate it so much- being able to take my daughter there and know she will have fun and be safe and I can have 2 hours kind of "to myself." So thanks on behalf of moms and dads!

Heatherboyce8 said...

It's ok that you guys dont have your own kids yet, kinda fun to see what Ben might be like when you actually do! It is a lot more fun with your own but got to start somewhere! :D