Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And so it is a little late ...

On Mother's Day weekend I took Friday off of work and headed up to Park City with my mom and my friend, Heather. We got to the hotel and got right to work - scrapbooking.
For my birthday my mom gave me a present - she bought me a ticket to the "scrapbooking convention". We stayed at the hotel and spent two whole days scrapbooking in their conference room. There was probably about 50 people in attendance. When I ran out of ideas I occasionally went around the room and glanced over the shoulders of those hard at work to see what other people were doing. The best part was ... well, there were lots of best parts, but ... I got to share my stuff with people and they shared their stuff with me - mainly paper.

It's amazing how hard it is to come up with creative ideas when you lack the supplies to do things. Once you have everything at your disposal it's possible to do 5 (my mom), 10 (me), or even 20 (Heather) scrapbook pages in just a few days.

Then on Mother's Day we had Ben's parents and my mom over for a special Mother's Day feast. Jay helped us come up with a great italian theme and then Jay and Ben thought of making place card settings with the Italian version of each person's name - or something as close as we could find. Once everyone was seated we turned on Italian background music and enjoyed a lavish meal of Lasagna and French bread.

Once the table was cleared it was time to celebrate Jay's birthday with his requested desert - Strawberry Shortcake. Mmm ... delicious.

Anyway, I know it's a little late but thanks to those who spent the weekend with us. It was very fun and we enjoyed your company!

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kelsey said...

It takes that long to do scrapbook pages! That explains why I don't scrapbook. I am going to try the online version one of these days. A convention sounds fun.