Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where will we call home in 2010??

Ben has been applying to pharmacy schools all over the U.S. in an attempt to avoid waiting a year to start his 4 years of schooling.

He applied to the following schools (in no particular order):

1. Creighton - Omaha, Nebraska
2. University of Washington - Seattle, Washington
3. University of Utah - Salt Lake City, Utah
4. Midwestern - Chicago (well technically it's Downers Grove), Illinois
5. University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, New Mexico
6. Mercer - Somewhere in Georgia

Anyway, we are to the point where he is starting to hear back from a few schools to get interviews set up. It's kind of fun to imagine myself in these different places ... each one holds something different so I think I'd enjoy them all. Although, some I'm not as fond of as others.

For example, I really don't want to have to write Albuquerque every time I write my address. It's just one of those words that I never remember how to spell - but it's warm!

And after experiencing another winter I want to avoid Chicago at all costs but then there is family near by and it's Chicago. What an adventure that would be.

While staying in Utah with my job would be nice I want to get out and see "the world". For as long as I can remember I have been in Utah and it would be nice to experience a bit of another culture.

I don't know much about Omaha except that two of my uncle's went to school there so it has to be okay.

As for Seattle, well, I've been reading about all the companies up there that have just laid off thousands of people so I'd have quite a hard time finding new employment and at the same time housing there is pretty expensive.

There is only one school Ben and I have decided we have no mixed emotions for. That school is Mercer - in Georgia. We just don't want to go there. Ben isn't even sure why he applied there because shortly after applying he decided he had no interest in this school.

So the future has lots of possibilities at this point and I'm interested to see what happens. No matter where we go we'll have fun and if Ben doesn't get in anywhere, I'll take that as a blessing too because then I can work and save money for one more year before we move on to the unknown.

(Ben has two interviews lined up so far - University of Utah on the 25th and Midwestern on the 18th ... so wish him luck).


Dan and Holly said...

Good luck with the interviews!! I think Albuquerque would be pretty sweet-there's a chance we may end up there for residency!!!

christy said...

I like Atlanta and that's where Mercer Pharmacy school is. You have a cool city, heat, humidity, definitely a different culture and the beach within a few hrs drive, Atlantic coast or Gulf of Mexico. You could easily drive down to Orlando and catch a cruise or just hit the beach or lots of stuff on the east coast. I think Nebraska is so dull, new mexico a lot like here but not so cold, chicago too cold and windy and not much except for the city there. Seattle would be cool but maybe expensive. Yep, my generalized uneducated opinion is Mercer or University of Washington. Or, just stay here. Good Luck with any!

kelsey said...

Very exciting. I'm partial to Seattle, not surprisingly, but any of them sound adventurous. I'm sure Ben will get accepted to all of them because he is awesome, and then you can have your pick!

Rachel said...

Well, you know what I'm hoping for! You're right, though, winter here is pretty miserable, but maybe you could handle it as long as you know it's only four years? Christy made some good points about Atlanta, and it would be warm. I'd love to live in Albuquerque, but you've got a point about the address. Did I even spell it right here? You would have to print address labels.

Samantha said...

Eh, winter here isn't that bad, it's as bad as anywhere. It would be so fun if you were here! But what if you got in and then we moved!!?! Noooo!!
Ben, let me know if we'll be seeing you when you come in.
Are you guys going out of town this weekend (facebook suggested this to me...?)
Good luck on all fronts!

christy said...

winter is much milder down south, like not winter, more like fall
i grew up wearing shorts most days through the winter

Heather said...

I can attest to the mildness of the winters in the south. Today we had a high of 78. I have yet to wear a jacket let alone a coat this year. Atlanta's 3 1/2 hours north east of Dothan, so it's a little cooler but not much.

Tamio and Anna said...

How exciting. Life is quite an adventure and I am sure you guys will enjoy your time wherever it may be!