Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Extension Of My Arm

Do you have that item you just can't live without? For some it's their wallet, watch or cell phone (or a combination of these). For me, it's my computer. I am hardly without one within a few arms length away. I use it to shop, do my banking, find directions, stay in touch with friends, stay in touch with family, apply for jobs, play games, blog, read blogs, work, listen to music, look at pictures, watch movies, watch TV shows, and several other things I am sure I've left off of this list.

While a cell phone is nice to have, a computer (namely a computer with internet) is something I go crazy without. Because of my love for my computer I tend to hate talking on the phone. Like, I avoid it at almost all costs even if that means looking like a flake to people in my ward because I don't call them back - unless of course they leave a message and it is urgent (but I do talk to them at church about whatever it was they needed me for).

Anyway, the reason for me bringing this up is because I was talking with my co-workers today about this subject and how we have things we just feel naked without. This started an interesting discussion. What will the next generation be so attached to they can't go anywhere with out it?

Will it be a "super cell phone" maybe? I have heard that this could be the next big thing. It's basically a computer except pocket size. Or maybe it's something that has yet to be invented. The idea is in someone's head right now just waiting to be figured out and put on paper and then created for mass production.

What will be the future "I can't live without" item. I have a pretty good feeling it will be something I don't understand for a long time and then once it's big enough I'll force one of my kids or grand kids to come over and show me how to use it. Then I'll have to "g-mail chat" them almost daily for further instruction and trouble shooting. And by the time I finally figure it all out there will be something new for me to learn.

Electronics are awesome but I can see why the more "mature" people have such a hard time learning their way around a computer or the high-tech cell phones. The technology is constantly changing and you have to be with it almost from the beginning to understand it in the slightest.

Oh well. I will accept my future naivety and encourage you all to do the same.


christy said...

i think most of us feel the same about our computers. we use them more than anything else.

Janell said...

Well, Brooke--I am already where you see yourself in the future. I just got a new phone and the salesman tried to talk me into more than I knew I would use. I told him--"Hey, I am just getting up to speed on text messaging. So one step at a time for me!" Ha!