Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday Hike

Saturday was absolutely beautiful so I convinced Ben to go on a hike up to ensign peak, which is right up by the capitol building in Salt Lake.

The trail is .47 miles each way and it's not a hard trail at all. The only bad part about the short hike was that it was so warm outside that all the snow was melting, causing a huge muddy mess. Oh well. That's what a bathtub and water is for.

While we were up there we found a "clue", clue #3 to be precise, that someone had left for a person named Josh. It reminded me of how awesome/dorky high school is.

Anyway, it was fun and beautiful and it really made me wish it was April and not February but all in good time.

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christy said...

we have been enjoying the warmth too. the kids have been playing in the yard more and we have walked home from school.