Monday, January 5, 2009

The end of something great!

That was once me ... sigh

On Saturday, January 3rd, the BYU Men's Basketball team played number 6, Wake Forest, in Provo.

What was riding on this game? To some it might not have been much, but to me, it was everything. BYU had a 53 home game winning streak and I was there for a good share of those 53 home games. In fact, I've never been to a BYU Men's Basketball game that they lost - I was there the day they finally beat the UofU at the UofU for the first time in like 17 years (or whatever it was).

I am sad to say that the 53 home game winning streak came to an end on Saturday and I'm really quite depressed about it. (I can't watch BYU Basketball games on TV so I either read about them online or hear about the outcome from Ben-who reads about them online). So, when Ben announced their loss I wasn't prepared, even in the slightest, for the news.

Some of you may think that I am overreacting, but to look back at the countless hours I spent in the Marriot Center stressing over that winning streak (during the games I actually did stress about it which added to the intensity felt from a win) while the team continued to succeed although sometimes just barely - it's no wonder I'm slightly heartbroken. 53 games ... that's 3 seasons ... 3 years ... and a lot of work ... not to mention a lot of hours spent being a fan which includes a good hour spent before every game to get good seats. (That's 53 x 2 hours of game time (a short game) + 53 hours of pregame time spent saving seats for optimal viewing position ... 159 hours of time spent being the ultimate fan + time spent standing in line to get great seats to games against UofU).

There isn't much I can say to make me feel any better but I just wanted to let everyone know that my heart is slightly broken and only getting the BYU Basketball games on TV and seeing them get their home game winning streak up again will ever be able to heal this wound.

So sad.

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