Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Too many Newman's are famous

Not to offend any of our blog readers who have the last name 'Newman', but ... there are just too many famous people who share your last name.

I like to google myself sometimes and see how many hits I can get that are actually directly related to me or something about me. Anyway, now that my last name is Newman it's a lot harder to find anything. There happens to be an author who shares my name - Brooke Newman. So, I guess when I write my book someday I'll have to either go by my maiden name or "Brooke Jean". As for "Ben Newman" - There is someone out in the world who sounds a lot like my Ben: "Ben Newman was born in 1982. His childhood was heavily influenced by American superheroes ... ". I guess there are a lot more famous people who share Ben's name than mine but the point still remains. There is only like a hand full of Brooke Huddleston's and I happen to be one of them.

I guess that's one of the great things that my maiden name gave me. It also gave me constant "What was that last name - Cuddleston" or "Did you say Puddleston" or "Huddleston ... uh ... can you spell that for me". Anyway, I am going to continue my google searching and see what would be a good alias for my future book (which I am planning on making me ridiculously famous).


christy said...

there is a female body builder with my same name, spelling and everything, even middle initial
i have googled a lot of people's names and am surprised at how many famous people there are out there with our exact names even if we have not so common ones like my maiden name, hornsby

Samantha said...

Yeah, I was the only one out there as far as I know with my unique maiden name. I totally feel like I upgraded, my maiden name was hard to spell and pronounce and understand, but now life is easier.

Caitlyn said...

At least your google searches turn up people, mine just turn up hair products!