Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I miss Provo

There is honestly no logical reason for me to miss Provo especially when I think about the things that I miss most. It's not anything a normal person would expect to miss.

I miss my normal grocery store - Macey's. I swear Macey's is a ton cheaper than Smith's, but living in Downtown Salt Lake doesn't give you many shopping options. We can go to Smith's or drive to Centerville or Sandy for other options.

I also miss having two malls within a five minute drive. Now, we do have the Gateway but the Gateway is for people who have a lot more money to spend than we do. Our next closest mall option is in Sandy. Our current closest Target location is either Centerville or somewhere around Sandy/West Jordan. Our closest Bed, Bath, and Beyond is in Sugar House.

We have lots of little shops around but nothing you go to when you are on a massive shopping trip with a long list of things to get.

Did I mention the closest, decent Wal-Mart is clear over on 5400 S. and redwood road. Yes, I know there is one 13th south but that one doesn't even have a car center.

Anyway, I always thought I'd miss Provo a little bit once I left, I just never realized it would be because I started thinking about how awesome my old grocery store was - and it really was awesome!


Rachel said...

I still miss Macey's and it's been six and half years since we left Provo. When we go back to visit, I try to think of reasons I need to go to the grocery store just so I can go to Macey's.

christy said...

i have a macey's and i have never been to it. maybe i should. walmart and smiths are closer but maceys is only 3 or 4 miles.
I think you miss living in a regular town instead of the city. none of those things are unique to Provo.
you could move but then your daily business of work and school would be a big trip. you'll just have to take a nice shopping trip monthly and stock up or something. i have enjoyed getting a lot of shopping done online this year. i had to go out to the mall yesterday and it was crazy crowded.

Lauren Jayne said...

Oh my gosh I know what you mean. I still go to the Wells Fargo branch on BYU campus because it just feels natural! Too bad I pass by like half a dozen others between my house and campus!!