Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Tradition Continues

So the "sleeping in the front room under the Christmas tree" tradition has survived two Christmases now. Our only problem is ... once we pull out our mattress to the front room it's just too comfy to put back in our bedroom. We are on night 3 of sleeping under the Christmas tree. But it's just so nice. I want to go to bed a bit before Ben while he watches some show on the History channel and all I have to do is close my eyes and cuddle with him while he watches his show. It's such a fun, simple, easy life we live.

And here is a glimpse of some of our Christmas lights and decor.

Just so perfect!


christy said...

i like having a tv in my room for that reason. cory goes to sleep earlier than me but we can still go to bed at the same time and i just watch tv while he sleeps. except lately i've had the lights on and been sewing but he still sleeps through it. he's so nice to put up with me.

Chris said...

I never knew the simpsons were on the history channel. Nice find Ben!