Monday, December 22, 2008

Food Anyone?

Every time I cook a meal I cook for a family of at least 6 and there are only ever 2 mouths to feed.

When I was in college I never really cooked unless I was cooking for all my roommates and now that I'm married I cook pretty often but I haven't figured out how to down-size the quantity I'm making.

Anyway, 2 days ago I wanted stroganoff and so I defrosted my ground beef, boiled a bag of noodles and doubled the stroganoff recipe I have, which left us with about a weeks worth of stroganoff leftovers. Turns out having leftovers can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.

Ben's family all came over and we had just enough to serve everyone a small portion of stroganoff (after Ben and I had gorged on it the night before). Plus I planned on having a massive amount of my green bean recipe for my family party on Saturday night so I was able to use the rest of the beans and ham to feed them as well ... and those weren't even leftovers ... they were just green beans and ham that didn't fit in the pot I was trying to cook them in the night before.

Someday I'll have a big family of my own and we wont have massive amounts of leftovers after every meal, but for now I guess being able to serve a house full of people at a moments notice is kind of nice. (As long as they don't mind leftovers - sorry Luke!)

And thanks everyone for stopping by. We'll see you again tomorrow!

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kelsey said...

Yes, we were very grateful for your over-cooking, not the food, the portions. It was the yummiest beef stroganoff I've ever had. And I LOVE having leftovers. That's what we have for lunch nearly ever day.