Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Christmas Post? I think not!

I will get around to posting about Christmas, I think. But for now I am just going to let everyone know how sick I am.


Although I'd take this sick over the "flu flu" (that's what I call the really crappy flu that puts you out of commission for like 2 weeks with cold chills, body aches, etc. and you have so much stuff in your lungs that you feel like you are drowning) any day. But it's still annoying because I love sleep. LOVE sleep. But I can't sleep when my nose is stuffy so I have to breathe through my mouth but breathing through my mouth makes my sore throat feel like it is on fire after about 4 hours. What am I to do?

At least I have an awesome husband who makes me "a nest" so I can enjoy his company while feeling like I am in bed. In fact, this nest was so awesome I was actually feeling nice and toasty warm.

I look a lot happier than I feel ...

Ok. I'm done telling you all about how sick I am. In fact, I'm sure I'm far from the only one who is feeling this way but ... I still just wanted to complain a little longer


kelsey said...

I blame Teresa.

christy said...

i am feeling better now, avery's fever is starting to go away today, cory and the others seem to be coming down with it. stinks. tylenol severe cold medicine helped me during the day and benedryl at night. i have been able to continue to breathe through my nose and sleep well thank goodness.

Janell said...

Sorry you are sick. You probably did see Bryce at the Delta Center going to a Jazz game. Kate was with him, but probably so small you missed her! Get better soon.