Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reasons BYU Campus is Better than the UofU

Note: I am being very careful not to say that BYU IS better than the UofU. This post is specifically in regards to the campus. (Although, let's be honest, anyone who knows me knows what color my blood bleeds ... and it's not red).

Reason #1: The UofU campus is HUGE. Anyone who complains about walking across BYU campus is crazy. This thing is monstrous and it takes forever to get from point A to point B. Mostly, I hate running errands. Especially when it's freezing outside.

Reason #2: BYU doesn't let skateboarders on campus. I know that it makes travel time from point A to point B much shorter, but for those on the UofU campus that don't own skateboards ... well, I fear for my life sometimes, actually several times a week.

Reason #3: It's cleaner. BYU employs as many students as they can and it shows because BYU is always clean and the grass is never trodden down and flowers and pretty and leaves are raked ... UofU not so much. Granted, there may be a lot more trees on the UofU campus but I still remain firm that BYU is a very VERY clean campus and I miss that.

Reason #4: No cigarrette smoke. I have never liked the smell. I never will like the smell. And it drives me crazy having to walk 10 minutes behind someone who is smoking. I know it's a part of life, but it wasn't a part of life on BYU Campus.

Reason #5: You don't get people dressed up like crazies on halloween.

Reason #6: The BYU Bookstore is AWESOME. They have anything and everything you may ever need. UofU bookstore = crappy. I can't even find the staples I need for my stapler. I realized very quickly I'd only be visiting the bookstore for postal services.

Reason #7: Janitorial services are way better at the BYU. I don't mean that our janitors don't do a bad job, I just mean that since BYU hires so many students things get cleaned often. I only get my trash taken out once a week here.

I know BYU's campus is not perfect, but there are some simple pleasures I definitely miss. I so took BYU for granted while I was there. Thanks custodial services and grounds crew for all you do!!!


Rachel said...

BYU does have a very tidy campus. I worked on grounds crew once, and the joke is always that grounds crew has so many employees that they stand around watching for weeds to grow and snatch them out of the ground the moment they emerge.

kelsey said...

Oh, Rachel beat me to the comment. I also worked on grounds crew and was going to say the same thing.

And I love the BYU Bookstore! There is no other like it. Stanford's is dismal by comparison. The bookstore is always on my list of stops when I'm in the area.

christy said...

my neighbors are huge U of U fans. they were byu nerds for halloween with toilet paper hanging out of their pants and stuff. it was funny. they try to tease me if they see me wear a byu shirt or something but i tell them they can't bug me b/c i could care less about football or any sport. maybe i should tease them that our campus is better. lol!