Monday, November 10, 2008

Princess Ben!

I am almost done with this book but I just wanted to blog about it because of the title. My sole purpose in checking it out of the library was to tease Ben. It's actually a really cute story. It mixes a lot of fairy tales together to create a fun read that is probably more appropriate for 12 year old girls but I still enjoy it. I know that Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Bean Stalk are referenced and I'm sure I've missed lots of others because she meets these circumstances with one line references. Anyway, now that I have a blog titled "Princess Ben" I am happy.

And now I will include a few pictures that show Ben is in no way actually a princess:


Samantha said...

HA! Phew, good thing we all see how manly he is.

kelsey said...

We tried to turn him into Princess Ben when we were kids by putting dresses on him, but he always freaked out about it. Jay, however, let us put dresses on him. Princess Jay.