Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Injury

I had some "surgical" work done on the bottom of my foot yesterday and I whined like a baby all night long. Ben, has a very high tolerance for pain and I do not, so I don't think he understands how bad things hurt sometimes but he tends to be very caring no matter what.

That said, I know that he thinks I am overreacting sometimes. My surgical work yesterday included liquid nitrogen being sprayed on 3 warts that were on the bottom of my foot. I thought I'd be ok but the stinging pain on the bottom of my foot just got worse and worse and as soon as one of them turned into a giant blood blister I got grossed out and decided I wasn't going to go swimming and I'd just go home and take it easy.

Ben, being the awesome husband that he is, mentioned getting some sparkling cider (since I'd been craving it the day before) and a movie of my choice. I told him we could get something he wanted to watch but he insisted. So we ended up renting "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and drank sparkling cider last night. My foot doesn't hurt as bad today but it's still hard to walk on it. Anyway, I'm blaming the improvement on Ben and his willingness to take care of me even though I could have easily taken care of myself. Thanks Ben! ;)


Heather said...

I had that done on my hand, and it does hurt like heck. I don't think I would be able to walk for a week if I had it done on my foot.

Samantha said...

I think William is like that too, where things don't hurt him as bad (or he doesn't get hurt or sick as often as other people do) so he thinks everyone else is just being a baby. Nwmnssssss!!!

When I was a lot younger, like before HS and in HS, I used to get bad warts on my feet, so I know what you are going through. I had so many treatments for that stuff.

christy said...

I think I have a higher tolerance for pain than Cory does he just doesn't have to go through some of the pain that I have had to with child bearing and all and he doesn't get sick much. When we were first married he was pretty unsympathetic but life has delt him some pain since then and now he's much more compassionate. I don't wish pain on anyone but I'm kind of glad b/c it improved him in that way. I have never had the doctor do it but I have bought the home kit and frozen stuff off and I've dug planter warts out of my foot with an exacto knife as a teenager. I'm bad at picking at stuff, guess the pain doesn't bother me enough to make me stop.

J said...

That comic grosses me out!