Monday, September 8, 2008

Update on my new job

I just wanted to write a quick update on my new job.

I love it. We had our monthly staff meeting today (which was my first) and it was just a reminder to me how great everyone I work with is. While getting down to business we were still able have fun and enjoy one another's company.

As far as the work goes, I enjoy what I am doing - when I know what to do - but it's a little frustrating going from my previous job where I knew everything about anything anyone could possibly want to know to a job where I have to continuously refer questions to other people and continuously ask other people for help (asking for help is probably one of my biggest weaknesses). BUT the more I am here and the more I understand the more I love what I am doing. I think my favorite part - besides working with great people - is being able to be such an important part of the program. I know everyone within the program because everything kind of goes through me in one way or another. Anyway, that's my update in a nutshell.

On a completely different note I need help with my English ... Which/if any is correct (I am using a possessive form here): eachother's or each other's or is it something else completely. An example of a sentence I would use it in is: Please look over eachother's work.

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