Monday, September 29, 2008

Thanks for your Comments

Thank you everyone for your comments in regards to the post below. Ben and I My friend and her husband have decided that they will not be getting the World of Warcraft. Lucky for her he thought it was too hard to level up after a certain point and so it became boring. phew. But, I think after all your comments we they probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway. And if they had, it would have been accompanied by a deal of some sort agreeing to the number of playable hours allowed each week. Anyway, thanks again for all your comments!


Benjipups said...

Ha ha! For the record, though I do respect the opinions of those who commented, they had absolutely no bearing on the matter for my part. We all have our little escapisms. Nobody will ever be criticized as "unproductive" for reading books for hours. Those who decry video games as mindless have probably not played any since Pong.

Amanda Kristeen said...

Touche. We all do have our escapisms. And anything done to excess can be unproductive - including reading books. (which I am totally guilty of at times)

Rachel said...

C'mon, Ben. Can't you just pretend to take our advice? It would make us all feel so good!