Friday, September 26, 2008

I want your opinion on this!

So I have a friend whose husband has been playing the World of Warcraft 10 day trial. I think he started playing assuming he would be done in 10 days. Well, he wants to get the full version but my friend is slightly skeptical. Of course she wants to be a good wife and everything but will the game take over their lives?

Here's his theory. He has been playing A LOT these last couple days because after the 10 days are up his character will die and he wants to get as much done as he can. Therefore, once the 10 days are over he'll be able to just play a "few" hours a week.

If this is truly the case, she doesn't think that would be much of a problem ... what do you guys think? They have to decide by Tuesday afternoon otherwise his character will die. Should she be an awesome wife and let him get it or should they stick to other venues of life like watching TV??


Samantha said...

My obvious sounding answer:

If he can really keep it down to a few hours a week, and he enjoys the game, then fine. Personally I think it's a time-wasting hobby, and you can get mind-numbing entertainment from TV as it is if that's what you want. It's addictive and I've heard anecdotes, not from personal friends but just online so who knows if they're true, of marriages getting in real trouble b/c of all the time/money one spouse is spending on the game. Again though if he's a responsible normal dude and he'll really only play a few hours a week, and if the wife has an equivalent hobby, then go for it. I say no though.

Is this you guys?!

Rachel Gledhill said...

I wouldn't let him do it!! I speak from experience! Brian played world of warcraft also known as WOW and it almost ended our marriage! WOW can be very addictive there is even a website called widowers of WOW, if you look at that website you can see first hand how WOW has ruined many marriages as well as lives.
When Brian played that game he became someone different and if anything and I mean anything came between him and his playing of WOW then he would through a huge fit about it no joke, when I was in labor with Parker he was playing WOW. Instead of having my husband by my side holding my through the contractions before deciding to go to the hospital my mom was, because he would rather play his game instead of helping me through the pain of labor. Of course after we decided to the hospital he got off, but as soon as we came home from the hospital he wanted to know when he could go back to gaming three times a week.
Now keep in mind we made it, but it wasn't easy if it hadn't been for Nikolai coming to this world we might not have made it. But we still struggled. After Nik and I came home from the hospital, he wanted to know when he could go back to WOW. I am happy to say Brian has not returned to WOW and he knows that he was addicted to it and admits that he knew it was ruining our marriage, but for some reason couldn't stop at the time. He also knows what type of games he has to stay away from.
Everyone is different, so it maybe ok for the wife to let him do it. If the wife would like him to try it then they should make a deal of something along the lines of as soon as it seems to become an addiction that he will stop, just keep in mind that he might not believe you. I know Brian didn't believe me when I told him that I felt it was an addiction. It's all in how you look at it and the type of person they are. If it were me I would tell him HELL NO!! You may think that, that sounds harsh but after experiencing it first hand that is exactly how I feel. FYI, it also costs like $15 a month.

christy said...

they should be productive and not play the video games or waste too much time watching tv.

Heatherboyce8 said...

Both me and Jared play this game, we still do things together, and as a family and I think that if he can actually keep it down to a few hours a week, then whts the big deal, he can pay for it monthly and try it out, so why not? I know sometimes I feel Jared is on it too much but he still does what i ask or what he needs to. its not that bad of a game. But yes can be addictive, cause i know people that play it for 8 plus hours a day, but just keep a time limit and it shouldnt be a problem.

kelsey said...

Um, is this "friend" you? And is this "husband" Ben?

No, he should not be playing video games. And her being an awesome wife has nothing to do with supporting a bad habit. He should be an awesome husband and do something worthwhile instead. As you can see, I think it's lame when grown men play video games.

Also, your friend's husband's father happens to be in my living room, and he says the husband should be working hard on other things until Oct 18.

How's that for a candid response?

Amanda Kristeen said...

Well, in your last post you compared the Twilight series to a guy's World of Warcraft game. I can see where you would want him to have something like what you have with your books, but I think that there are some crucial differences. First of all, a book ends. I know you can always re-read them, but the fact is that you have to start again. It doesn't have such a great hold upon your life because it doesn't keep going and going and going. It goes and then it stops. Secondly, which is my bias, I think books are much more engaging and stimulating for you mind than video games, although they can be fine in moderation. In the end, I guess it all depends on his attitude. I have a friend who's husband loved video games too, too much, so they made an agreement that he could play one night a week.

Anonymous said...

how about you "let" your husband make his own choices. You're not his mother. I would never ever ever say I wouldn't "let" my husband do something or another. He's a big boy and can make his own decisions. You'd be wise, as with all of your friends to "let" your husband make his own choices.

Brooke Jean said...

Oh Mr. Anonymous. Why so Serious? Are you so ashamed of what you had to say that you felt it necessary to keep up anonymity. I would hope not. As for your comment ... I feel it necessary to respond.

1. It seems as though you have had a bad experience and are taking it out here. No need. You missed some other key words like "They have to decide". You are reading to deeply into one word, "let".
2. While yes, he can make his own decisions, he is kind enough to consider my feelings and vice versa.
3. She, aka Me, likes playing the game as much as he does so the real issue was the amount of time that may or may not be wasted on it.

and finally,

4. The next post on this blog let's you know what HE decided to do. SOOOOOOOO he made his own choice.

Thanks for commenting.