Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tag, You're It.

I am: going to be famous one day.
I think: too much when I am trying to fall asleep.
I know: that my life will be wonderful as long as Ben is by my side.
I want: my laptop to have internet again.
I have: weird tastes. I love Vinegar. Mmmm
I dislike: my bathtub – it’s too hard to clean.
I miss: sleeping in.
I fear: spiders and bad guys.
I feel: bad when others are going through a hard time.
I hear: a little bit of air seeping through the window and it’s driving me crazy.
I smell: my hair and it smells yummy.
I crave: Hot Chocolate all day at work because it’s always cold here.
I cry: when the music is all sappy on TV and they show family members saying goodbye to whomever is going to die.
I usually: enjoy cooking.
I search: the internet for things to entertain me.
I wonder: what life would be like if I hadn’t gone to BYU.
I regret: not making more friends in college.
I love: watching Ben play XBOX and I also Love playing Morrowind.
I care: about everyone I know.
I always: have my camera with me.
I worry: about really unlikely things happening. (i.e. someone laying under the car and cutting my Achilles tendon so I can’t run away)
I am not: pregnant. (That one is for my family)
I remember: too much of the unimportant and not enough of the things that mean the most.
I believe: that love can last forever.
I dance: horribly.
I sing: in the shower when I’m not focused on looking for spiders.
I don't always: know the answer and that drives me crazy.
I argue: over stupid things and shy away from more important discussions.
I write: my feelings in my journal because it’s hard for me to share them out loud.
I win: !!!! (HAHA! Ben, this is proof!)
I lose: NEVER
I wish: on the first star I see at night
I listen: to people all the time. Be careful what you say when I am around.
I don't understand: why our XBOX refuses to play Fable
I can usually be found: reading or cuddling with Ben
I am scared: of time between being alive and dead.
I need: a trip to Jamaica
I forget: that there is only 30 days in June.
I am happy: because of Ben.
I tag: everyone and anyone who reads this blog

1 comment:

Samantha said...

eek! I'll have to do this!

We have a lot in common. I, too, hate spiders and spend time searching for them, particularly in the shower. I too, am not pregnant. I too, cry at sappy TV shows. I could go on.