Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update on our Anniversary

Just an update on our anniversary.

While we were waiting for our dinner reservations we walked around temple square then we went and ate at "The Roof" in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The food was SO yummy and we had a great view. Also, they had someone there playing the piano and she was really good, although, I do have to wonder if she was even really playing cause she didn't have any music and you couldn't see her actually playing because of the way the piano was facing. Anyway, after dinner we went and rented a movie and then we watched the Olympics. It was a great night and I give Ben major props for planning it all! Best wedding anniversary I've ever had!

There were blinds since the sun was in the perfectly wrong place but it was still so pretty.

Another picture of our view where there were no blinds.

Some of you may remember the building that got blown up just before our wedding ... I couldn't get a very good shot from the angle I was at but it once stood next to the building that is taking up the whole picture.

This picture is here because I thought it was a cool shot of the temple in the background.
Anyway, now that our anniversary has past I guess we are pros at the whole marriage thing. haha!

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christy said...

how good of you to plan something nice ben. we never really plan anything special. we've actually forgotten a few times. maybe one year we will take a trip together and finally have a honeymoon.