Sunday, April 27, 2008

My new best friend

So we have recently had an ant infestation. Infestation=ants in every crevice of our home.

When I was little my mom had a daycare which meant there was always crumbs on the floor no matter how many times we swept which also meant that there were ants everywhere. Because of some incidents involving ants back then, I hate them now. So when they showed up last October I immediately made Ben take me to the store to get some ant killer. It got cold shortly after and the combination of killer and cold kept them away. Well, the killer only lasts 3 months so when the warm weather got here ... I guess the ants couldn't stay away any longer. Soon I found them in our kitchen, our bedroom, our bathroom, everywhere. I understand them being in the kitchen, but everywhere else just frustrated me and it doesn't make sense why they were there. So I went on a killing spree. I covered about every inch of our apartment in the ant killer and now ... I haven't seen a black speck moving slowly across the carpet since. Let's just say I am so glad to be moving but for the time being this Ant Killer is helping me sleep better at night. (Minus the fact that according to Ben I've shortened our lives by about 10 years due to the cancer inducing chemicals).

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Kristy said...

You are so dang funny! We hope you had a great graduation. We wish we could have been there!