Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What is a Charleston Chew?

At work we have a "Spotlight Board" so that all the faculty can get to know each other. This week the new faculty spotlight has a Charleston Chew listed as her favorite candy. This started an interesting conversation among the employees in my office. The results of this conversation are that no one knows what a Charleston Chew is. We don't even know what it looks like beneath the wrapper. Is it like a big hunk? Starbursts? Is it chocolate? We read the ingredients but we are still having a difficult time figuring it out. We have all decided that the next time we see one in the grocery store we have to buy it. Any opinions on if this is a wise choice? I hate wasting money on something that is gross but I have to solve the mystery.


Lauren Jayne said...

Brooke! You have posted something, I was beginning to fear that Ben had put down his iron fist and said no more blogging. Um about the Charleston Chew, I used to love those when I was little. It is a chewy white (probably pure sugar) interior with a thin chocolate coating. Not the best candy out there...I feel pretty indifferent towards it.

christy said...

i don't care for them. haven't had one since i was little.

Hollywood said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charleston Chews! I would always buy one after Brownie's and then after Girl Scout's when I got older. They are good either frozen or really warm, but not the best texture at room temp. The inside is a really thick, white caramel type stuff. Or you can get chocolate flavor or strawberry flavor. You MUST buy one at your earliest opportunity.