Monday, October 29, 2007

Showing off the holes in my kitchen walls!

So, I have not really showed off my apartment much. Thus, I have decided to start with a tour of our hidden holes.

Welcome to the kitchen:

This is the hole I like to call "the fire hydrant". It sports remnants of dryer lint lingering from our upstairs neighbors' dryer. Because of this lovely hole we always know when our upstairs neighbors have done laundry because we come home to a house so humid we feel like we're living in Georgia in the summer. We like to cover up "the fire hydrant" using our empty cereal boxes and a large white garbage can.

Next, we take a look at "The Bear".

Seeing the bear requires a little more imagination than the fire hydrant. This hole comes equipped with a pole in the middle for allowing spiders and other such insects to enter our home. We have used a genius device for covering up this hole. (see below)

Who would have thought this sign could come in so handy? It hangs from the hot and cold knobs that would be in use if we could find a cheap used washing machine on craigslist.

Stay tuned for more holes in my walls - featuring the living room/front room and our bedroom closet!


christy said...

is your landlord gonna fix em? they can't just leave those there can they?

Rachel said...

Is it really profitable to run a bed and breakfast when there are holes in the walls? I guess as long as you have bed and breakfast signs to cover them up, it's okay.