Thursday, August 20, 2015

We're hooked!

It's been around for 15 years but we're just starting and I'm already addicted. Geocaching is so fun!

Last night, instead of sitting around at home on the computer and watching TV, we went hiking through brambles and bushes on a trail under the power lines through the city.

We never did find our cache but we did have a lot of fun and we came home with a lot of scrapes! Note to self, blackberry bushes show no mercy.

For a long time I thought you needed to have an expensive GPS device to participate in the fun but when Ben and I combine our phone GPS powers it usually does the trick!

Dragon loves finding his "treasure chests." He's already claimed a mini-car and an over-sized army guy.

Sometimes the chests are big and sometimes they are smaller than his thumb like this one:

That one took two different trips to a nearby park to finally discover but we did it and I think we managed to do it without alerting any muggles (the uninformed passerbys) of its presence.

No matter how big or small, there is always a sense of accomplishment when you make the find and sign your call name.

I'm certain this will be the first post of many regarding our geocaching adventures.