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Birthday Week Celebrations

Since this blog post sums up the entire week of birthday celebrations it's going to be a LONG one. I could have probably broken it down into 4 or 5 different blogs but, in the words of my awesome husband, "Too hard!" 

Last weekend Bunka and MaaAa were here to kick off the birthday celebrations. 

Our dessert included cupcakes and my first try at French Macarons. I thought they turned out pretty well!

Dragon was aware that the day was not entirely about him so he actually smiled for the camera when I had it out!

One day away from being 1!

We figured it wasn't too soon to try out his first cupcake, of course all he wanted to do was smash it. I tried smearing some on his lips but it didn't really work.

After Bunka and MaaAa headed back to their camp, Dragon went into a Cupcake coma in Colt's new blow up fire truck. 

Monday was BIRTHDAY DAY! 

The birthday boy woke up super happy, which was perfect since it was going to be a long morning.

We got all dressed and headed down to Seattle to go to the zoo!

I thought I was so prepared that nothing could possibly ruin the morning. And then, just minutes away from the parking lot, I realized I'd left our stroller home. Oops! 

I was a little annoyed with myself since that meant having to rent one but ... it was still fun.

Dragon's favorite animal to watch at the zoo is usually the penguins. They weren't swimming around as much as usual on the day we were there though. 

Two boys hanging out in a wagon, looking rather unimpressed.

Luckily, we were meeting up with friends (who did remember their stroller) so Dragon and his friend rode in the wagon and had a blast.

While Colt and his little buddy hung out in the stroller which was definitely way more comfortable.

After we met up with our friends, our first stop was the new Tiger exhibit. They were awesome!

We also saw birds.

Dragon really wanted to hold the stick while they ate but I think they know not to get too close to kids because every time I handed it to him they flew away.

Colt's favorite part was the water where the otters play. Although, he mostly liked it because he thought it was hilarious to lean forward and lick the glass.

Kids are weird!

Also, the zoo gives you a free birthday pin and carousal tokens on your birthday! We've been missing out for the last two birthdays we've celebrated at the zoo. At least we know now. 

Every time he'd lick it he'd crack himself up. I think he thought he was licking solid water or something. He loves licking water when he's in the bath?

I especially loved the time he was closer to the glass than he realized and, when he went to lick the glass again he smacked his whole face into it. ... He was not as amused as I was that time.

 The orangutan came over to the glass to meet us when we walked up. It was awesome. Colt thought the Orangutan was great. He tried making friends.

Dragon and the orangutan were having a conversation about the meaning of life. I think they decided the answer was 42.

The hippos were just getting into the water when we showed up. Dragon had lots to tell daddy about when we got home. "Hippos go water. Balls fall in water and hippos play with the balls!" (Not quite how it happened but close enough)

And then we spent a few sunny minutes watching them run around on the big boulders which are apparently heated but not enough to notice unless it's like 40 degrees outside.

Our last stop at the zoo before heading to the zoomazium was at the African Savannah. Dragon had been asking to see the Giraffes the ENTIRE time we were at the zoo so I'm glad we could get a good view of them finally!

Despite it being naptime we spent a few minutes inside crawling around and exploring in the zoomazium. Colt loved all the balls around.

Everyone fell asleep like 10 or 15 minutes from home which meant they didn't go back to sleep after I put them in bed which then translated to mean that everyone was super grumpy all afternoon long. Needless to say, a show was in order. Which meant Dragon watching from the front seat of Colt's firetruck.

After Daddy got home we ate dinner and then opened presents!

Dragon was a great big brother, helping Colt figure out what to do (and only sort of taking over).

The solar dancing monkey was a definite favorite, as you will see in the next few pictures.

My mom caught on to our birthday theme and sent mustaches on the monkey and caterpillar. We obviously had to try it on as well.

Colt started to get the hang of present opening after a minute and a little bit of help on my part.

Colt with his birthday stash: 

Diving in after that monkey again! 

We gave the cupcake another go on his birthday and he went for a TINY bit more than the day before.

This time we actually got some in his mouth so I'm calling it a success!

Look at that smile!

And then more licks, which is the most we can ask for with this kid who does. not. bite food. He's crazy like that.

And then he went back to smashing and mashing and doing what every one year old does with his cake--making a mess.

It was a good, exhausting birthday. 

But that's not where the festivities ended!

The next morning we had a "One year old" Photoshoot.

I'm just going to let these pictures speak for themselves. 

Oh how I love these boys. I can't believe I ever lived without them.

They crack me up every single day. Especially when they are getting along. 

Anyway, the rest of the week went by rather unceremoniously until ... Saturday! 

Saturday was party day, and boy was it fun!

Ben set up our "cake" table and I loved it!

As people walked in the door we had mustaches and bow ties for everyone to put on.

My favorite part of the decorations were these mason jar vases and flowers I put together:

I don't know why they make me so happy but they do. Plus, I love how perfect they look. Those are real flowers people!

Ben spent the night before and part of the morning blowing up 72? 74? balloons for the balloon banner I wanted to make. Hooray for balloon pumps that keep you from going light-headed!

Colt finally got a cake for his birthday instead of measley cupcakes. Unfortunately he switched his nap time up a few days before the party so that he now goes down for naps at about the exact time his party was scheduled. Needless to say the kid was having fun but he was sleepy. You can tell from these pictures!

He was a fan of the flame. He tried grabbing it not once, or twice, but three times during his birthday song. Not to worry, there were no children harmed by the birthday candle. Luckily.

Yet another attempt at cupcake eating. This time he just grabbed and flicked. Unfortunately, the heating vent was directly behind him so he kept flicking it off his hands directly onto the vent. Oops!

Colt wanted nothing to do with the mustaches. I think he thought I was trying to feed him food.

Daddy and the birthday boy!

A few of the root beers that we got for sampling (which was a favorite part for the dads that attended).

This kid cracks me up. I taught him in primary for about a year and he would say the funniest things. 

He let me take his picture with a mustache so that he could see how awesome (or silly) he looked.

Ben became very popular when he started pouring the drinks!

I'm so, so glad someone got a shot of our entire family!

A few more pictures of some of our friends that were able to make it (and are good sports)! 

I may have put a tiny bit of work into the party, but my Silhouette I got for Christmas made it SOOO much easier! 

Dragon and I made these mustache straws like 4 weeks in advance and Dragon would, every now and then, bless them in his prayers at night. "Bless mustache straws people drink." .. Have I mentioned how much this kid cracks me up lately? He's just getting so big!

During the party he and his friends just went off and played. I almost forgot I had an older child.

By far, my favorite picture of the day is this one:

Such silly boys!

We had croissant sandwiches because croissants look like mustaches, obviously. 

The wall of growing Colt.

Both of our kids really started to look like themselves somewhere around month 3. 

Everyone loved the party and I couldn't have pulled it off without all of Ben's help. He always makes the last few hours of party prep SOOO much less stressful as we get everything put together. 

We wish our family could have been here to celebrate with us but hopefully these pictures can help you feel a little bit more like you were there.

And finally, here's a little party game for you to play. Let me know your answers! The winner got 16 so try to do better.

Finally, a little glimpse of his love for his birthday festivities. I love how he perks up as soon as he realizes the song is for him:

Happy First Birthday to our Little Man. He loved the attention and we loved giving it to him. I hope he knows how much he's loved. ... Now to work on getting him to eat and sleep better!

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I bet the vases of flowers makes you happy because you have the heart of an artist.
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