Monday, April 20, 2015

Victoria Butterfly Garden

This was our first stop off the ferry and it was SOOO much fun, thankfully.

A week before we set out on our trip I told Dragon we were going to go on a trip and on our trip we were going to see butterflies. I went on to tell him that, if we held really still, the butterflies might land on us. 

Well, after that he started to tell us over and over again about how the butterflies were going to land on his shoulder. And mommy's shoulder. And daddy's shoulder. And Colt's shoulder.

After several days of talking about butterflies on shoulders we were worried the whole trip was going to be ruined by our visit to the butterfly garden, especially if we couldn't get a single butterfly to land on Dragon.

They had a spot where all the cocoons were hanging and you could watch butterflies (VERY) slowly emerging from their cocoon. Unfortunately, I spaced taking a picture of this happening but I did get a shot of a few of the already emerged butterflies!

The feeding table was a fun spot to hang out and see lots of butterflies all at once.

It was also a great spot to make friends. 

This kid tried to help butterflies land on Dragon the whole time he was there. After Dragon got bored of the feeding table he ran around with this kid getting a tour of the place. He was so sad when "the kids!" were gone.

Dragon was actually pretty nervous at first about the butterflies. He pretended to be brave and then, at the last second ...

Psych! He didn't want that thing to touch him!

We tried to get Colt to enjoy his time there but he was just miserable and hot. Eventually he was stripped down to nothing but his shirt and diaper.

This bird was something that started with an E but his nickname is "Little E", which is much easier to remember.

I wanted to take him home with me.

He loved me! I was a bit startled by his sudden decision to use me as a perch.

And then he climbed into the Ergo and was ready to go!

Dragon thought the whole thing was hilarious! I love that Ben was able to capture his face in this picture!

We tried to get the bird to land on Dragon but I suspect he knows a kid when he sees one because he stayed an arm's reach away.

Once again, Dragon pretended like he wanted the bird to land on him but as soon as the bird would move he'd hurry and jerk away.

Colt just wanted out of there but we were having too much fun to give him what he wanted. This picture doesn't quite do his super red face justice.

The Butterfly Gardens are more than just butterflies! There were fish and birds and butterflies and bugs!

I thought Dragon would be more impressed by the flamingos than he was. He could have cared less about them.

We thought we might not actually end up with any butterflies landing on us until about 30-45 minutes after we got there when we found the butterfly sweet spot.

Once we stood in this certain sunny spot, butterflies just flocked to us!

Dragon captured the first one that landed on my head.

The butterflies were so nice, making it look like I had pretty hair pins!

And a picture of a butterfly near my shoulder, for Dragon.

And a butterfly on Daddy's shoulder, just like he'd predicted. Now we just needed to get him and his brother to hold still and let a butterfly land on them ...

And then it happened! And we had to convince him to smile for the picture because I think he was a little nervous about it actually being on him.

This picture more perfectly sums up his feelings about the butterfly on his shoulder at that moment.

And, by the time the butterflies were landing on his arms, he was just content to sit and watch them. He's been talking about it ever since.

Of course, that still left one of us who hadn't yet had the butterflies land on his shoulder. Thankfully, just before it was time to go Colt was gifted with a few perching friends. We missed the shoulder butterfly but we did capture this.

Colt did not like the butterflies on him and he would shake them off as soon as they landed.

Here he is mid-spaz trying to get the butterflies off his arm. 

Only the butterflies that landed on his head were safe because he couldn't tell they were there!

Here is another pretty bird near the middle and a big turtle blending in to the ground.

After our kids were too hot to hang out  with the animals we hung out near the water where there was a little cool breeze to help get their body temperatures back down.

Finally, we decided to make one last round and say goodbye to our feathered friend. He came right back to hang out on my arm. It was great!

He would not go on Dragon though. 

Or Ben. Apparently it was just me he liked! He must have known it was my birthday!

Colt heard a rumor we were going to be going back outside where he could get away from the heat and was suddenly very happy.

This is the closest Little E came to Ben. Silly bird.

One last look at the fish and then 

a quick stop on the cool ground before deciding it was time to be on our way. We probably could have stayed another hour at least but Colt really was miserable. He had no idea why he felt the way he did. Spoiled Pacific Northwest children.

We had other places to see and things to do but I think if we make it back to Victoria, we'll be coming here again. It was definitely Dragon's favorite part, and it was a lot of fun for Ben and me as well.


Heidi said...

Cute pictures!! I'm pretty sure your bird friend is an Eclectus. They are a sexually dimorphic bird, the girls are red and purple, and the boys are green with some red.

Brooke-Jean Newman said...

Yes, Heidi!That's what he was. Thank you!