Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter Garb at Craigdarroch Castle

We never got any Easter pictures of our kids in their Easter outfits since we didn't actually wear church clothes on Easter. So I pulled the "It's my birthday card" on our trip and we dressed them up and headed out to find a fun place to take some pictures in their new duds.

I'm pretty sure this place was the perfect setting. They look like they own the place!

Look, Ben was there too!

This was the closest we got to seeing inside the castle. Pretty little chandelier.

I loved the balcony railing. And I also loved the cute little boy who couldn't stop running, as seen in almost every picture in this installment of our blog.

And who can blame him? A castle is a fun place to run around!

Meanwhile, Colt sat and enjoyed (and occasionally ate) the grass and the sun.

Wait. Colt is getting all the camera attention? "Cheese!"

As always, my favorite is the family picture because they are so rare! Of course, getting everyone to look at the camera is an entirely separate challenge.

And, for some reason, Dragon felt the need to have his foot sticking out for the pictures. He's doing this in pretty much every single one that we have.

There is always time to bury a car in the dirt, no matter what country you are in.

Note to our future home building architect, I want this tower! I have wanted a "tower" in my house since I was a little girl designing my own homes and this one is perfect!

And .... more running.  

And then, somehow, we finally figured out how to get this kid to smile on cue for pictures! It was a magnificent discovery. "Dragon, whatever you do, do. not. smile!" "Hey! I said no smiling!"

Sometimes Daddy gets to hold Colt before Dragon notices and demands, "Mommy hold Colt. Daddy hold Dragon!"

And, here's proof (other than our family photo which was taken with self-timer and a dandelion to prop it up to the right angle) that I was here too!

Craigdarroch Castle was our last stop in Victoria before heading back to the ferry in Sidney. I saw a sign somewhere that said, "Getting to Victoria is half the fun". It was advertising the ferry. I would definitely have to agree that the ferry ride, at least on the way back, was fantastic. You can expect another post full of cute little boys on the ferry very soon!

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