Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A 9 month and a 3 year doctor's visit

Dragon had his 3 year check up. He's growing, although, not very quickly. He's now 26 pounds (3rd percentile ... at least he's on the charts!) He's 35.43 inches (7th percentile) which gives me hope we can ride on the little roller coaster this summer at this fun little farm place nearby. He has to be 36 inches to ride!

I remember last year at his 2 year appointment there were so many things he wasn't quite doing yet that most two year olds "should" be doing. Of course that had me worried but I tried to ignore it because I know my little boy and he's stubborn and just does things in his own time. Well, this year, he seems all caught up! He was also very protective of his brother again--apparently his flu shot was traumatizing and he can't let anyone else suffer that fate!

Colt is now 16 pounds 5 ounces which puts him in the 9th percentile. While his height, at 27.28 inches, puts him in the 12th. It's weird having such a big baby! ha. ha. Just kidding. But he is bigger than his brother was! Another fun stat is that his head circumference is exactly average at 50th percentile (45 cm for those who care). We finished off the appointment with one shot which he only momentarily protested and then we headed home to enjoy the rest of our day.

It's always nice going to the doctor and being told your kids are okay. Colt and I sat down and had a little chat and we decided our 12 month checkup goal is to be crawling by then. We barely met our 9 month goal of rolling over so we'll see what happens!

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