Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas tradition #1 (or 2)

I guess, technically, this is the second tradition of Christmas since going and chopping down a tree is also a tradition.

Either way, sleeping under our Christmas tree after it's all set up and decorated is a Christmas tradition for us. And it's usually one of my favorites.

In the past we've left Dragon in his bed and just slept under the tree by ourselves but this year we decided to give in and let the entire family join us.

Boy were we in for a night!

Dragon was so excited that he just laid there smiling on his pillow for the longest time but, after I threatened to take away his trains if he didn't close his eyes, he shut them and eventually fell asleep.

He did great the rest of the night--unlike his brother.

There are some major drafts that you can feel in our front room so I think Colt was just cold all night long and, as a result, slept terribly. 

Nevertheless, the tradition continues, we all survived and I'm glad we did it! 

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Fran said...

Maybe they can't sleep because you tree is on fire!