Thursday, August 21, 2014

3 Months Old

I cannot believe 3 months have already come and gone but apparently it's true. 

Our little Colt is all smiles. In fact, he's even laughing now! It's the cutest sound you'll ever hear. Well, besides when he tries to sing along to any song you might be singing him. He especially loves to "sing along" to his bedtime song each night: I Am a Child of God.

He also loves sitting up now, not that he can do it on his own. 

He loves it so much that the only time he really cries is when he is left lying on his back for too long. Because of this he spends most of his day sitting on my lap or in his new Bumbo.

He is absolutely adored by his family. ... Except for when his brother doesn't acknowledge his existence. And in those cases he still makes a great mountain for jumping over.

Although, today Dragon just decided to share his fire truck which, if you know how much he loves his 'wee ooo', you know what a big deal that is.

I really cannot believe how fast he's growing. He'll big as big as his brother in no time!

Sending you all smiles from the Pacific Northwest. 

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