Sunday, June 1, 2014

Two Weeks

The last two weeks have just flown by in a blur but I was soooo grateful to have my mom here for most of it. What a difference an extra pair of adult hands can make.

Who knew the hard part of having a second child would be the first child! I mean, I assumed it wouldn't be easy but ... I feel like hard doesn't even begin to describe most moments we've been having around here lately.

I miss my sweet, charming, happy two-year old! He's been replaced by an ornery, whiny, ever demanding two-year old that starts crying the minute he sees me in the morning. Not. Fun.

Luckily, it's been beautiful weather the last few days so we've been able to spend a majority of our time outside in the sun where Dragon seems to forget his troubles and life is good.

Now, on to the reason life has flown by the last few weeks. This guy:

A***** M***** Newman was born at 2:36pm on May 18th, 2014 

Weighing 8 lbs 2.4 ounces. He was 19 1/2 inches long and his head was 13 1/2 inches.

Time to play a little game I call "The Green Shirt Game"... 

When I woke Ben up on that Sunday morning and said, "We're going to be going to the hospital soon." Ben proceeded to lay in bed, unmoving, and said, "Okay."

A few minutes later as I got ready for the day between painful contractions lasting a minute and occurring every 4 minutes Ben said, "So when you say 'soon', how soon are you talking?" 

"As soon as I finish getting the bag packed we're leaving." 

That got him out of bed pretty fast.

Turns out he decided he was going to try and wear the same shirt he wore for Dragon's birth. He didn't have time to go find pictures so he took a guess and we headed to the hospital. Five hours after arriving, one of these pictures was taken (the other picture was taken 2 years 3 months and a few weeks earlier):

Can you tell which one is which?? 

Most of you have probably already seen these pictures but I loved Dragon's reaction to meeting "Baby" for the first time:

He was all smiles and couldn't take his eyes off of him. 

His favorite was Colt's little hands. He kept uncovering them and holding them. He couldn't get enough.

And then there were the adorable, smothering hugs.  

Bringing home Colt: 

Bringing home Dragon: 

Maybe it's the hats and the fact that Colt has his legs stretched out but ... Look at how much bigger Colt looks in that car seat! 

Random: Sometimes I think Colt looks like a turtle.

At his three day appointment Colt had dropped down to 7 lbs 11 oz, and had shrunk a few cm putting him in the 52 percentile for weight, 29 percentile for height and 61 percentile for head.

Well, Colt had his "two" week appointment last Tuesday. I put two in parentheses because he was only 9 days old at the time and when your life is a total of 9 days, a 5 day difference is HUGE.

At his "two" week appointment he weighed 8lbs 9 oz, was 20 inches long, and his head is now 14 inches around.

That puts him at 65 percentile for weight, 41 percentile for height, and 59 percentile for head.

After having a kid who has been consistently at 1 percent or less in pretty much all the stats, having  a kid this big is bizarre!

Dragon wore his newborn pj's for at least a month or two and Colt is already growing out of one of them. I don't know whether to be sad or ecstatic. He still seems so tiny but sometimes I look at him and think, "When did he get so big!"

While Colt was busy growing Dragon was busy playing with Nana. His favorite activity was making cookies (i.e. decorating Nana's face with flour).

Sometimes he stops his playing with his trucks to smother Colt with hugs or to read him a book or two:

While Dragon may be more grumpy since Colt joined our family, it's definitely not directed in Colt's direction. He loves "Baby!". He's already a great big brother. They are going to have all sorts of fun adventures together someday.

Now for the answer key to the Green Shirt Game: 

Dragon was the first green shirt picture and Colt was the second. Did you get it right? 


Mrs. Mike said...

Nice guess on the green shirt, Ben!

And hooray! Because I haven't wanted to bother you, knowing that you have a newborn and all, but I've been dying to see more pictures!

Fran said...

I guessed right on the green t-shirt photo because I remembered that photo with Kai, it looks like Ben has a puppet. We love getting the pics.

kelsey said...

Aw, I guessed wrong. Love all the pictures and details. Kai has got some meat on his bones!

Poor E. It's hard to share your parents' attention but at least he's being sweet to the babe!

christy said...

Even the hospital room looks the same! Mine were all born at different hospitals. That green shirt might be confusing later on when sorting family photos. Ben should wear a different color shirt with each child, then you could easily sort baby photos by the color of his shirt. Now you'll have to keep the green shirt forever. Just kidding! I wouldn't have been able to tell except the newer pics look clearer. Cameras get better over time. Sweet Ethan will adjust and love playing with his new best friend after he grows a bit more. They are both so cute!