Thursday, June 5, 2014


I know I should probably just make our blog private but ... I won't, at least not for the foreseeable future. Instead I've tried not to use E's real name on social media and the blog as much as possible. In fact, I've gone back through the blog and tried to delete any of the times I accidentally used his real name instead of "E". It turns out when you use the first letter of your kid's name as his "pseudonym" you accidentally type his real name a lot more than you realize.

Now that Kai is here I am suddenly realizing I need to come up with a better name for him as well since we actually call him Kai on occasion.

I've decided to call them by their Chinese Zodiac animals from now on.

E is going to be Dragon and Kai is going to be Colt. I know, I know. Super original! 

I'll also probably go back and change their names in all the posts up until now.

I figure it'll be pretty easy to remember who is who. Dragon is the one who is constantly roaring at things

and Colt is our cuddly baby horse. ... If horses were cuddly, that is.

And, in case you forget who is who, I've updated the cheat sheet on the left side of our blog.


christy said...

I see I'm on your dead blog list but I do update my blog but it's the new one. ;)

Mrs. Mike said...

Horses ARE cuddly, Brooke!