Monday, January 20, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Since being married, Ben and I haven't stayed in one place too long but we were in Seattle for four out of our almost six years of marriage. It's no wonder that, as we drive down the roads of our old stomping ground, it feels a lot more like home than where we live now. We know which hamburger joint is the best (Rain City Burger!), we can point out several friends' homes along our way and I know where all the parks are within walking distance (and they all have swings which is something I really miss).

While I love our new residence there are times I miss Seattle. I especially miss being a 30 minute bus ride from downtown. 

It's sunny today (finally!) and it's not too cold. I think if we still lived at our old place we might take advantage of the warm sun with a trip to Pike Place to see all the excitement over the Sea hawks big win. Instead we'll probably go for a walk and see if we can find a new path to explore. 

Maybe someday this place will feel like home too.


christy said...

It will. It takes a year to year and a half for me to really start to feel at home and you get nice memories everywhere you live because home really is where your heart is, not a building. However, when we moved to Utah and got settled there it was the first time I felt content and like I could stay there forever. I look forward to moving back but I'm sure it will be an adjustment like every move.

kelsey said...

Based on my personal experience, I think Seattle + being in grad school = double nostalgia whammy. I miss Seattle more than anywhere else I've lived, like I would miss a really good friend. There's just something about it. Also, our time in grad school was our favorite. I'll never get over it. Again, just something wonderful about it. So, um, good luck.

But fun that you can drive to Seattle for a fix. Hope you find your burger joint soon. And park with swings. And other great places.