Friday, December 13, 2013

"Love You"

Last week was really hard. Like ... really, REALLY hard.

E has reached a stage of "independence". Unfortunately, he is not nearly as independent as he thinks he is and he shows his defiance to my interjections with long and loud tantrums.

 As the weekend came to a close Ben and I were lying under the Christmas tree and I uttered "I can't do another week like this. I just can't." 

Well, something awesome happened. I'm just going to call it an answer to a prayer, especially since E still doesn't talk a whole lot compared to his peers.

As I was putting him to bed the other night, I said my normal, "Goodnight E, I love you." And he blew me a kiss and said something that sounded very similar to "Love you". 

Since then he's nearly mastered "LoveYou" which sounds more love "Of oo". Every time I hear him say it I melt. 

This week was definitely a week I could do again.


Fran said...

That makes everything worth it! Such a little doll!

christy said...

Aww, so sweet. There are many days I think I can't do this and then something sweet like that reminds me that I can and that I want to. He can't help that his little body can't do all the things his mind wants it to. ;) I don't know how it is there but winter is very hard on kids, especially here. It's like an evil spell is cast upon the land when the days are short and it's cold and damp outside. Everyone seems tired, grumpy, and bored of being cooped up inside so much. Let's all move to Hawaii. lol