Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm Thankful ...

This year I made a "Thankful Tree" and put it up in our front room to get us in the thankful spirit for Thanksgiving. Each day of the month I grabbed a leaf and wrote something I was thankful for.  I'm hoping next year E will be old enough to participate and maybe I can manage to wrangle Ben into joining us as well. This year our tree looked a little sad but better than nothing!

Here are my "I'm Thankful's".

Day 1: I'm thankful I've never been shot or shot at.
Day 2: I'm thankful for my family, especially Ben and E.
Day 3: I'm thankful for Skype.
Day 4: I'm thankful for grocery stores, especially Costco. Ben ... isn't so thankful I'm so thankful for Costco.
Day 5: I'm thankful I can walk and run. (i.e. I'm thankful I still have all my limbs)
Day 6: I'm thankful for Mass Effect!
Day 7: I'm thankful for Netflix when I just need a break.
Day 8: I'm thankful for space heaters in the winter and fireplaces and everything that keeps me warm.
Day 9: I'm thankful Ben gets the weekends off and doesn't have to work late.
Day 10: I'm thankful for Tylenol for headaches and all the other meds available for my ailing body.
Day 11: I'm thankful for surprisingly gorgeous days!
Day 12: I'm thankful for the zoo. So much fun for Ethan in one stop.
Day 13: I'm thankful for the sun. It makes me happy.
Day 14: I'm thankful to have the church in my life.
Day 15: I'm thankful for Christmas. Just thinking about it makes me happy!
Day 16: I'm thankful for quick transportation aka Airplanes.
Day 17: I'm thankful for BYU.
Day 18: I'm thankful I'm not crazy .... yet.
Day 19: I'm thankful for good friends i can feel at home with no matter how long it has been.
Day 20: I'm thankful for Nursery.
Day 21: I'm thankful for Ethan's naps.
Day 22: I'm thankful for warm weather and warm coats when the weather is cold. Brrr ....
Day 23: I'm thankful to be home and sleeping in my own bed.
Day 24: I'm thankful for a big kitchen ... even if that means I have more to clean.
Day 25: I'm thankful for warm showers on cold mornings ... and also the heater.
Day 26: I'm thankful we don't have to apartment manage any more. Cleaning one house is plenty!
Day 27: I'm thankful for Pinterest. It makes me look a lot more creative and crafty than I am.
Day 28: I'm thankful for delicious food!
Day 29: ... I'm thankful I can finally start decorating for Christmas!

Looking back, I may have been a little tired, cold, or exhausted from dealing with a near two-year old and all his near two-year old tantrums over the last month but I still had a lot to be grateful for. Hope you had things to be thankful for as well.

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