Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trunk or Treating with an Alien

A few weeks ago we found ourselves digging through the Goodwill racks trying to find overalls for Mario and Luigi costumes. Well, we were lucky enough not to find a single pair of overalls but we did find this awesome dragon costume.

However, we obviously needed it to tie in to our costumes so we changed our plans and decided to go as Men in Black. The dragon was going to be transformed into an alien. And a mighty cute alien at that.

As with all aliens, he loves the camera and had to have several pictures taken so he could look at the camera screen and see what the pictures looked like.

This is his silly face:

At our church Halloween party they had several different "booths" set up for the kids. E's (and our) favorite was by far the photo booth. 

In fact, he loved it so much that most of the pictures of him ended up blurry because he could see himself on the screen and so he went a little crazy. 

Take a closer look at the end results:

You can see his antenna eyes a lot better in the first blurry picture but I still love this last one the best. Hooray for smiles!

After the dinner, carnival, and costume prizes were awarded we headed outside for the Trunk or Treat.

This year Ben went all out on the car decorating. He decided to recreate the scene from Men in Black when Agent J gets eaten by the alien to get his gun back.

When the kids would walk up he'd say, "Hurry take some candy before he eats me." or "Look what I found in the monster's stomach!" It was hilarious and everyone loved it.

When he said he was going to "decorate the car" this year I was thinking a few teeth cut out of paper and taped to the top bumper. This was by far much, much better and also much more creative. After all this time being married to him I really should have known.

Ben's takeaway from his project: "Our trunk is a lot smaller than I realized."

And, on that note, Happy Halloween!


Heatherboyce8 said...

You guys always do awesome things. Miss you.

Brooke-Jean Newman said...

I miss you too, Heather!

Sally said...

I love you guys. This is awesome. All of it.

christy said...

Awesome! You help me feel like I'm not overdoing Halloween, or at least I'm not the only one having fun with it. :)

Janell said...

Halloween with you guys is really fun!