Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hey Ben

This started out as a facebook status but I ran out of room so I had to move it over to our blog instead.

Hey Ben,

Remember when they imploded a building next to the temple less than an hour before we were married and it felt like an earthquake? And then the cloud of dust that slowly engulfed the temple grounds and it was like we'd just been swallowed up! And remember the person who did our ceremony and how he grilled us on questions we probably should have known but we were so nervous/excited we couldn't properly answer any of them (or maybe that was just me)? And remember the tsunami that rolled in during the middle of our reception? Oh ... and do you remember how I had to wake up at 3:30 or 4am to get ready since our wedding was at 7 something in the am? ... You probably don't remember that last one but I sure do! It's a good thing a wedding day is so exciting or else I'd have slept right through it.

Do you remember how the videographers so perfectly captured my huge knuckles as you attempted to gracefully slide my ring onto my finger--at least the picture looked good!

Remember how you had to smile for so many pictures that you've never smiled for a picture again?? (just kidding ... sort of)

 And remember how you thought I was avoiding you at the reception because every time you'd come near me I'd move and start talking to someone else?? I promise that was just a coincidence. There was no one I'd rather have been with that day.

Remember our wedding luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building? I don't remember much but I remember my mom giving a LOOOOONG speech and I remember being sooo hungry that I ate more than just my plate of food. And I remember how happy she was to welcome you into the family--everyone in my family loved you. They still do.

Remember how I thought I loved you more than anyone in the world could love anyone else? Remember how I was wrong? Seriously, who knew you could love someone so so much and somehow I just keep loving you more. These 6 years have been eventful but they went too fast! I'm suddenly realizing 60 years with you won't be enough. ... Good thing we have forever.

Thanks for being you and marrying me. I win.



Mrs. Mike said...

The FB post was cute, but this was even better. I'm wiping my eyes a bit right now!

Fran said...

You two (three) make me so happy.
I need a copy of that last photo.