Monday, July 8, 2013

I knew I loved you before I met you ...

First we had this: 

Which was better than having to cook on the floor.

Now we have this:
Which, as you can see, is big enough for Ben to lie down on and still have room to grow.

And this:

 And, in case you can't see through Ben: 

In our old place we kept most of our food in E's closet (unfortunately, not pictured). Now we can keep it here:
 which means E finally gets his own closet and I can make food while he's sleeping without having to carefully sneak in and pray he doesn't wake up while I dig through the closet looking for what I need.

There's a lot more to this place that I plan on showing but, for now, I had to start with my favorite place in the house and the only place that's completely unpacked and clean.

And I'll share a glimpse of E's favorite place:

He uses it for practicing his spinning, his walking backwards, his walking around with his eyes closed, his dancing and his hiding, just to name a few. Unfortunately, he doesn't let me videotape him without becoming distracted so the above video will have to do.

(Also, did you hear the ice cream truck in the video?? We live in a neighborhood that has an ice cream truck drive around once or twice a day!! I can't wait until Halloween!) 

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